Client Intervention Examples


Five Examples of KD Conseil Interventions 

1. Leading a conference of 80 managers in a banking institution


This was the third meeting of the entire top managerial staff since the merger of three different corporate cultures.


  • Define, share and compare experiences and one’s vision of the company.
  • Explore future visions of the organization.
  • Create a tangible record and a desire to continue to communicate after the seminar.

What did we do?

A team of four consultants (one Italian, two French and one American) led the 80 participants through a series of activities in work groups and plenary sessions that fully met professional objectives in a fun atmosphere.


Participants were pleasantly surprised by the convergence of visions of their company two years on. Departments and individuals no longer on speaking terms, enjoyed communicating and working constructively together; they were able to appreciate the usefulness and the issues of other departments.  After the meeting, the company decided to present each participant with a poster of the four visions as produced by the participants during the conference.

2. Coaching top managers from North America, Europe & Asia


  • For experienced high potential managers: “Identify what helped me to succeed and which will no longer be a source of success in the future as my career evolves.”
  • Working across the organization: across functions, former companies and nationalities.
  • Managing relocation successfully – professionally and on a personal level.
  • Taking up a post worldwide – remote management.
  • Assertiveness and utilizing one’s authority in a leadership role (transition from expert’s role, non-hierarchical leadership roles, etc.).


Participants reached their objectives, outside-the-box thinking leading to unexpected solutions, a broadened scope in terms of possibilities involving working with teams, superior performance with less stress.

A case in point:

At the beginning of the coaching (in a worldwide, family run company), a senior executive is stressed out and snowed under.  She is frustrated by the non decision-making posture of the board made up of members of the family, and she is perceived as very arrogant though very efficient by others in the organization.

By the end of the coaching, she had learned to build alliances and to understand the driving forces behind individuals and other departments.  She was able to work more effectively and harmoniously with all the members of the family on strategically important innovative projects.  Those who had perceived her as arrogant now found her facilitating.

3. Matra British Aerospace Dynamics (MBDA)

Develop and deliver a “Day-to-Day Management Program” for French, British, German and Italian managers.

Objectives – How can we help our managers to:

  • Have the core generic skills a manager needs to focus and motivate the team to work effectively to deliver results across national borders and former company boundaries.
  • Cope with continuous change and complexity and continue to deliver results  (they are in danger of being overwhelmed or demotivated).
  • Understand and manage different national, company and professional cultures – whether co-located or working at a distance – in a way that optimizes the performance of their teams throughout the business.


  • six days divided into three modules over three months
  • bilingual sessions with 30 participants representing all the functions of the company
  • co-training with two bi-cultural consultants (a team of five consultants using four languages based on the participants’ needs)
  • 40 sessions between 2000 and 2004

Over 1000 managers, from the executive board to first level managers, attended this training course.

4. France Télécom


  • Mentoring project for foreign managers during their integration into France Telecom.
  • We delivered intercultural training for foreign managers as part of this project.
  • Supporting the integration of a Chinese manager into the French office.
  • We organized a series of conferences on Chinese culture for the employees of the Paris office.
  • Eunetcom – delivered training for French and German assistants on factors for success in their role in a company going through a multinational merger.


  • Sponsors –  Franche Comté (Human Resources), (FTT).
  • Participation in the training program for the national telecoms.

5. 3M Company

Franco-British training program “Working together France – United Kingdom”, in addition to, Franco-American training program “Working together France – United States”


The French felt they were not appreciated in view of their contributions to the group.


  • their best practices stories circulated within the group
  • after a presentation/meeting, they no longer receive “surprise” e-mails which were different from what they felt during the presentation/meeting

350 managers have taken these two-day courses over two years.  They have produced important documents of good practice.  They wrote guides for meetings, presentations (organized by those most frequently given), a factory visit guide, and models of common documents for their American and British colleagues, as well as advice cards.   In addition, they put into practice amongst themselves, peer groups to coach each other in preparing presentations for an American or British audience.


More recognition of the French for their contributions on the part of the Americans and British.

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