USA & Europe Cross-cultural Training

USA & Europe: Business is business, or is it?

Europe has long been one of the world’s major business centers.  The pace is different, the culture is different, and business rules that work elsewhere may not apply here.  If part of your global business plan involves interaction with companies in Europe, then this is a culture you must understand to succeed.

There is great potential for your company to expand into Europe. The latest Fortune 500 Global® rankings provided by® shows that 25 of the world’s largest corporations call Paris home, while eight others are based in Madrid and four in Rome.

The cultures of these cities are as different from each other as they are from cities like New York, Houston and Atlanta in the United States.  Successful international companies know that understanding the cultural environment is more important than where the company is located.

With cross-cultural training you and your staff can overcome cultural differences and concentrate on the tasks that are at the heart of your global business plan.  You can avoid wasting time and other resources learning the nuances of European business culture through trial and error.

Before starting a business in your own culture, it only makes good sense to learn what you need to do and how to do it.  This principle also applies to the global marketplace.  You need to learn what to do and how to do it in terms of other cultures in order to operate effectively and avoid costly mistakes that arise from cultural differences.



KD Conseil training will help you be more effective when doing business with Europeans, giving you valuable strategies for successful communication and how to appreciate your European partners.


Program Content

  • The European value system: time consciousness and individualism
  • European corporate culture: organizational structures and management roles
  • Communication styles: verbal vs. non-verbal cues, directness of language, and content vs. context
  • Working relationships: etiquette and building relationships vs. task orientation
  • Presenting: clarity; use of humor and visual aids
  • Negotiating: use of confrontational language, negotiating leverages, the ‘win-win’ solution, and understanding the decision-making process


  • One week breakfast-to-bedtime intensive visit
  • Explore the business environments of Europe
  • Meet local business people and government officials
  • Site visits to European companies and MNCs
  • Specialized workshops with legal, trade and commercial professionals
  • Reality-test your projects
  • Intercultural briefings on working in Europe
  • Coaching your business plan

Session Schedules

Dates for in-company groups can be arranged.


The course location is dictated by the needs of your company, with organized visits to additional locations as needed. Accommodations will be in one of the premier hotels of the location selected.

Who Should Attend

This program is targeted at senior executives, in particular: Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents of Operations, Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Finance plus anyone who perceives working in Europe as critical to their organization’s future.

Program Highlights

This is a program about the real world of Europe.  It offers participants on-the-ground opportunities to challenge assumptions about Europe and to explore its rapidly developing new business paradigms.  Participants will meet senior counterparts of European companies, start-up entrepreneurs, business journalists, trade and legal specialists who will provide insight to overcoming potential obstacles to success in Europe.  Participants will explore the intercultural components of doing business in Europe to better understand its particular pitfalls and benefits.  The program also provides participants with coaching to maximize the pursuit of their individual needs.

Program Faculty

We match your clients’ cultures and the skill sets required to meet your professional objectives with our staff to give your people the breadth and depth they need to increase your company’s performance.


Registration fee for Doing Business in Europe is dependent upon the specific locations and itinerary. It includes elite hotel accommodation, meals, coffee, receptions, airport pick-up, transport within country and complete program materials.  It does not include transportation to Europe from the Americas.

Attendance Limitations and Liability

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  This program is suited for small in-company or in-industry groups.

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