Our Approach

Our approach integrates coaching and advisory services applied to simulated work sessions that allow participants to tackle relevant business issues.  We focus on developing competence around knowledge, with reflection on practice and dialogue.  Through this approach, individuals apply themes and concepts in real time, ensuring a more realistic learning model. Our aim is to coach participants as they become multiculturally competent.

The steps of training in interpersonal intercultural skills include:

Identifying the characteristics and content of one’s own national, professional and organizational culture as well as style of management and preference of being managed.

Awareness of Others
Recognizing the components of culture (how time, space and hierarchical relationships are handled).  Noting the importance of the individual and the group, the coherence between stated values and actual behaviour.

Adaptation Strategies
Adapting one’s individual behaviour to better allow interface with other cultures.  Negotiating a way of working with others that takes into account the comfort level and efficiency of all parties in the relationship.

flagsUSA & Europe Cross-cultural Training

Europe has long been one of the world’s major business centers.  The pace is different, the culture is different, and business rules that work elsewhere may not apply here.  If part of your global business plan involves interaction with companies in Europe, then this is a culture you must understand to succeed.  Read more here.

KDC people2

Facilitation Demonstrations

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